Dog Sweatshirts

About Our Dog Sweatshirts

The days are getting shorter, and there’s a chill in the air. Fall is here, and with it, opportunities to dress up your dog in some adorable autumn outerwear. And what better apparel for a brisk fall day than a dog hoodie? Protect your dog with classic hoodies for optimal pet care.

Naturally, you’ll want to look for a dog hoodie that’s cute and cozy, but the best options out there also stand up to wear, tear, and bad weather. When shopping for one, consider its practical side, too, which will keep your dog warm as temperatures drop. The drop in temperature is particularly for dogs without a double coat (hello, bulldogs, vizslas, greyhounds, and Chihuahuas, small dogs).

Pet clothes dogs love for more significant and more substantial dogs like pit bulls; a jeans jacket would go well.