Dog Low Maintenance for Working From Home

Posted by Michael Shine

If you are looking for work from the home family dog, one thing to consider is how much work the dog chooses to maintain.

Busy households with not a lot of time may want to consider one of these breeds that do not need some of the "frills and pampering" (or multiple vet visits!) other kinds require.

For An Active Dog, A Siberian Husky

Siberian Husky

The AKC lists Siberian huskies as one of the most active breeds. They're a rare breed for inspiring you to get out of the house; if you're concerned, you might spend too much time on your tv indoors. If you want a pal to go on challenging hikes, amazing adventures, and long runs with, the husky is for you. If not prepared to give your pup a good workout every day, steer clear of this breed!

For A Social Butterfly, A Golden Retriever

Golden Retriever Pups

Looking for an extrovert to help balance you out while living that WFH life? VetStreet recommends a golden retriever since they're super outgoing. Golden retrievers love everyone — you, the cat, the USPS delivery man, the stranger trying to break into your home.

It doesn't hurt that they're smarter than most humans, too.

Dog Breeds That Request the Least Amount of Exercise



Peagle Pup

Once you see how cute a Peagle is, you will understand why people enjoy having them as lap dogs. Additionally, this is a reasonably independent breed, so they will be content lying about the house all day while you WFH. They are also moderately quiet, so they will not annoy the neighbors too frequently, except for the occasional squirrel alarm.

English Bulldog

English Bulldog

English Bulldogs are prone to sleeping anywhere. It is best to keep these dogs inside; they can overheat if they are out for too long in the sun. Bulldogs are great to get if you do not want to bother about grooming frequently. They have a short-haired coat, so brush them once in a while.

Shih Tzu

Shiz Tsu

Shih Tzus accepted in most apartments; they do require a fair amount of grooming. They shed a ton, so get ready to clean up after them all the time. Shih Tzus tend not to be particularly fond of going outside. Many times, they will get enough exercise, merely walking around the apartment all day.



Pugs are some of the hilarious dogs out there, and you will have no problem finding laugh-out-loud videos of various Pug antics. They do tend to be prone to breathing issues, so they cannot get too much exercise before feeling overexerted. They also do not do well in extreme heat, so you need to be careful of walks during the summer. You can often leave a Pug inside, and it will find a way to entertain itself.

Miniature Pinscher

Minature Pincher

Miniature Pinschers generally have a bit more energy than most of the other dogs presented here. They will require a short walk at least once a day, but afterward, it will be content merely laying on the couch. Miniature Pinschers will end up weighing around eight or nine pounds, so they are accepted at virtually all apartments that allow dogs.



Chihuahuas are some of the smallest dogs. They do not have a lot of enthusiasm to disburse. Sometimes you will find a Chihuahua that likes to run, but these are usually puppies. Chihuahua tends to grow out of its turbulent phase as time goes on.

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